Rider Interactive, Inc.
Based in Stamford, CT

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iPhone - August 20th, 2015 / Android - Coming Soon

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Smerge is an evolutionary leap for the Arcade Puzzle genre. No longer are we bound to connecting rigid, pre-rendered sprites. Smerge is completely dynamic. Its intuitive controls are an extension of your fingers, and its animations are more organic than free-range chicken. It moves as fast as you do, and it is way more FUN than any of its predecessors! Players grab colored blobs with the tip of a finger, and smush them into neighboring blobs of the same color. The two merge into one, but they don’t let go. Now, they squish the bigger blob into another neighbor, and another, and another, with one quick swipe through the grid. Their fingers dash up and down, left and right, and, even diagonal! When there is nothing more to combine, they release the massive blob, igniting an explosion so intense it rattles the screen! TICK! TOCK! Precious seconds fade away as players combine more blobs. TICK! TOCK! More explosions! TICK! TOCK! They race to get that last swipe in before…"TIME’S UP!"" They really nailed it this round, and watch nervously as the bonuses count up...A NEW HIGHSCORE!!! ...but was it good enough to beat all of their friends?


Smerge is the creation of the one-man studio, Rider Interactive. The self-taught creator, Trentity DeWitt, wrote the majority of Smerge's code while on a train commuting to and from New York City, where he works as a Computer Animator. Although this is the very first game he has ever made, he brings to it his years of experience in Motion Graphics, his knack for writing logical, creative code, and, most importantly, a lifetime of influence as a video game player.


  • Intuitive 1-to-1 Controls
  • Custom Soft-Body Physics Engine
  • Local Device and Worldwide High Score Rankings
  • Designed for Short or Long Play Sessions
  • No Lives to Buy. Play it Forever!
  • Twitter and Facebook Integration. Brag away!


Smerge Trailer - A Game For Everyone, Everywhere. YouTube



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About Rider Interactive, Inc.

If Rider Interactive was any smaller it wouldn't exist. No, seriously, it's just one dude.

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Rider Interactive, Inc. Credits

Trentity DeWitt
Artist, Programmer, Game Designer

Karl Amdal
Audio Design

Liz Gibson
Voice Talent

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